• 12 Oct 2012 1:58 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We have harvested and sold about half our corn for the season. The remaining ears are sweetening on the stalk. The rain today is slowing things down a bit. Can't complain though - it's been an amazingly sunny growing season!
  • 02 Oct 2012 8:59 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Our first shiitake mushrooms of the season are growing. These are the first signs that our 300 logs will successfully produce mushrooms for the next three years. With the cooler and hopefully wetter fall weather on the way, more mushrooms will be emerging and we may have a harvest this year. Stay tuned...
  • 18 Sep 2012 10:41 AM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    The corn ears are getting big and we have a lot of tomatoes ripening on the vine.

    The warm weather is keeping the tomatoes growing and we'll soon have a variety of ripe red tomatoes to choose from!
  • 15 Sep 2012 7:04 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    The grand opening of our produce stand was a great opportunity to meet neighbors and share the abundance of the farm with everyone.

    Our neighbors, Ron and Connie, loaned us their 1929 Ford farm truck for the day and it added a nice nostalgic touch to the day.

    Thank you Ron and Connie and everyone who stopped by to support our farm!
  • 14 Sep 2012 6:30 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We started the harvest today picking basil, cucumbers, kale, green beans, nasturtium, salad greens, and zucchini for the produce stand grand opening.

    Both the front field and middle field are mature and ready for ongoing harvests. Corn, pumpkins, and tomatoes are on the way too!
  • 12 Sep 2012 8:00 AM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We discovered green tree frogs hanging out in the front field keeping the insect pests under control. Until their discovery, I never thought of frogs as being good for garden pest control.

    Now there's another reason to love frogs!
  • 18 Aug 2012 10:43 AM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    The front field is blooming with pumpkin, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, naturtium, calendula, and marigold flowers.

    Here's what it looks like deep inside our "three sisters" plant guild (corn, pole beans, and squash).
  • 08 Aug 2012 10:19 AM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We just received our 25 Red Star and 25 Ameraucana chicks and they are running and hopping all over the place.

    They'll be living in their heated brooder until they're about 5 weeks old. Then they get to move into their huge condo (18 x 20 feet).

    We're expecting eggs in March 2013.
  • 07 Aug 2012 5:30 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Finished building an 8' x 8' chick brooder for our 50 baby hens arriving this week. We'll have 25 Americauna (blue and green eggs) and 25 red star (brown eggs).
  • 07 Aug 2012 12:30 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Dave and Eric P. finished planting the middle field with six 145 foot rows of carrots. Sage, marjoram, and thyme are growing in soil blocks now for transplanting in mid-August.
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