• 12 Apr 2013 4:42 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    A young male peacock decided to spend the night in one of our tall evergreens a few days ago and has been hanging out ever since.

    I named him "Calliope" - not after the Greek goddess of poetry -  after the steam powered pipe organs on old carrousels. Calliope's young call is like someone stepping on a tuba. He's an amazing flier - up on the roof of the house, then on top of the barn, then 30 feet up in the trees.
  • 31 Mar 2013 11:18 AM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Kale and broccoli from last year are starting to flower - our bees love it. I've been pulling a few plants each day and sharing them with my 50 hens. They follow me around to get the first bite. All those amazing nutrients in broccoli and kale are keeping them healthy and happy. I'll bet the eggs are more nutritious too.
  • 14 Jan 2013 3:05 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Low temperatures have officially ended the season. The mild fall allowed us to continue to harvest kale, parsley, chard, onions, and cabbage through December. The ground at the farm is now frozen solid and the plants have either withered or shut down.

    We'll be planting soon and getting ready for another productive harvest in 2013!
  • 13 Nov 2012 12:36 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    LoraBeth and Norm are planting 150 artichoke starts today! The plants will overwinter and we'll plant sweet corn amongst the artichokes next spring. The following year we'll plant asparagus amongst the artichokes. We like companion planting and so do the plants!
  • 12 Nov 2012 4:00 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Norm and LoraBeth installed four rows of irrigation tape and covered each row with paper mulch in preparation for planting artichokes.

    This will be our first artichoke crop and we'll have them at the produce stand next year.

    We hope you like artichokes... we sure do!
  • 06 Nov 2012 1:18 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    Please help us eat all this delicious and nutritious kale, spinach, and chard. It's high quality and ready for your table. Order yours today!
  • 05 Nov 2012 1:17 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We are moving our herbs into rows with paper mulch to keep them weed-free and to allow us to plant cover crops and till the front field.
  • 01 Nov 2012 1:10 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We planted 200 feet of Jerusalem artichokes in the front field. Next spring they will produce 6 to 8 foot towers with big yellow flowers (that's why they are called sunchokes). They will also produce delicious tubers that taste similar to artichoke hearts for us to share at the produce stand.
  • 29 Oct 2012 1:14 PM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We have seeded the front and middle field with crimson clover seeds and they are starting to sprout. Next spring will have fields covered with bright red flowers. We planted small-seeded fava in the back field. Another nitrogen fixer that produces edible fava beans and flowers. Both will be tilled in next spring to add nutrients to the soil.
  • 13 Oct 2012 11:46 AM | Jolly Rancher (Administrator)
    We have 192 artichoke plants growing in our seed starting system. They are in the "pre-hardening" stage getting cool nights and mild days via our grow lights and heat mats. We are prepping the back field for transplanting this fall.
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