Soos Creek Farm has Permanently Closed - Thanks for All Your Support!
Our fifty organic free range hens are laying beautiful brown, blue, green, and pink eggs. Blueberries are ready for their first small harvest. Sunchokes and calendula are blooming. You can get a complete list of what we have and place an order here. We are open by appointment only.

Crimson clover blooming in the front field May 14, 2013.

We captured a swarm of bees nesting on one of our apple trees and put it into a homemade top bar box. Our seven hives are doing well and producing honey. We have another empty top bar box ready to hold the next swarm. We will have honey available for purchase in August.
Soos Creek Farm
21854 148th Ave. SE, Kent, WA 98042
(253) 642-6035

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